Times Leader will spend $700K to upgrade its Wilkes-Barre press

Times Leader will spend $700K to upgrade its Wilkes-Barre press

Times Leader will spend $700K to upgrade its Wilkes-Barre press

WILKES-BARRE — Civitas Media, parent company of The Times Leader Media Group, announced Tuesday an investment of nearly $700,000 in its Market Street production facility.

The investment comes in the form of upgrades to The Times Leader’s press plant, as well as electrical work at the facility.

“We’re proud to be the only daily newspaper printed in Luzerne County,” General Manager Walt Lafferty said.

As part of the project, The Times Leader and its sister publications will be easier to hold. Starting with its Tuesday, Sept. 30, edition, The Times Leader will be the same size as The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today and other local newspapers.

“These improvements dovetail with other investments we’ve made locally, such as a redesign of our print newspaper and website,” Lafferty said.

The redesign was built with the press upgrade in mind, and readers should notice a better-looking newspaper starting on Sept. 30.

Some pages, such as the TV grid, daily comics and Sunday comics, in the past had to be stretched to fit The Times Leader’s unusually wide pages. Now, those pages will be more proportionally sound.

While the pages will be narrower, the paper itself will contain more pages because the “newshole” isn’t shrinking. Newshole refers to space on the page not filled by advertisements.

Civitas plans to have the work done in between press runs, with no impact on capacity or color during the conversion.

In addition to printing The Times Leader and its sister newspapers — Weekender, The Abington Journal, The Sunday Dispatch, The Dallas Post and Homes publications — the company’s Market Street production facility prints a large number of jobs for commercial clients.

By upgrading the press to an industry standard width, The Times Leader Media Group will be soliciting work from new clients.